Noach: The Failure of Humanity

Will God Ever Flood The Earth Again?

Immanuel Shalev

Immanuel Shalev



After the flood, God put a rainbow in the sky and promised to Noah that He would never flood the earth again. It sure sounds nice… but there’s actually something very strange about that promise. God had brought the flood because humanity had become sinful beyond repair. So what if that ever happens again? What if we, Noah’s descendants, become just as sinful as our predecessors? Will God keep His promise not to intervene? And if so, why?

These are the questions that David and Imu tackle in this video. In their search for an answer, they uncover a series of stunning textual parallels between the flood story and another earlier account in the Torah. This video may well change the way that you understand how God relates to humankind: and how that has changed from Noah’s generation to ours.

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