Noah's Ark: A Place For Man In God's World

God's Ark And Noah's Ark

Rabbi David Fohrman
Rabbi David Fohrman


Parshat Terumah contains the building instructions for the Tabernacle, and the Ark of the Covenant found within. The instructions for the Ark are explicit, the details minute, and the phrasing... seemingly familiar. Indeed, the Ark of the Covenant is seems to be related, in way, shape and form to ... Noah's ark! Now, its not just that they're both called 'arks', although that does seem to tie the two neatly together. There are multiple connections between God's Ark and Noah's ark, so much so that it really does seem that the Torah wants us to look at these two structures side by side. Join Rabbi Fohrman as he discovers how the two Arks are related, and tries to understand why these two structures are intrinsically connected and what it may mean for us.

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