Is Chametz About Passover...Or The Tabernacle?

The Real Meaning Of Chametz

Rivky Stern

Rivky Stern

Executive Producer


The Torah tells us that on Passover we must refrain from owning or eating chametz. But for some reason, in Parshat Tzav, we're told an additional wrinkle about chametz.

Tzav brings us deeper into offerings, the Tabernacle, the role of the priests... and we're given laws about chametz. Wait, what? For some reason, the Torah prohibits us from bringing chametz with offerings on the altar. And that’s bizarre. Isn't chametz about Passover?

Apparently this isn't a law about Passover; chametz has always prohibited from being on the alter. What could chametz possibly have to do with offerings? Join Rivky for this video, as she dives deeper into the laws of chametz and sacrifices, and in doing so, helps us understand how we can possibly relate to the minutiae of Mishkan offerings today.

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