What Does It Mean To Survive?

The Meaning Behind The Thanksgiving Offering

Rabbi David Fohrman
Rabbi David Fohrman

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In this week's video, we explores the verses that teach about the Todah — the Thanksgiving sacrifice. Who is supposed to bring a sacrifice of Thanksgiving? According to the Talmud, there are four individuals who would bring a Todah. But when you look at this list, you may notice that they all seem to have something in common — except for one of them. Which one of these four doesn't belong?

Rabbi Fohrman examines this questions, and his study helps to reveal a surprising insight about one of the people who is required to bring a Todah — a person who recovered from a life-threatening illness. These insights help us to gain a deeper level of empathy for those who are ill — and may even inspires us to offer thanks to God for the healing of our own bodies.