Relationships in Judaism

Building strong connections with those most important to us is one of life's greatest — and most rewarding — challenges. There's no perfect formula for how to accomplish this, but we can find guidance in God's words by looking closely at the Torah's stories, laws, and language.

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The Fundamentals of Parenting

How Not to Raise A Spoiled Child

Immanuel Shalev 22 min video

If your child views his allowance as Mannah from heaven, then skip this video. But if you are like most parents, this discussion on raising kids is not to be missed!

Rebuilding a Broken Relationship

Immanuel Shalev 1 hour, 3 min video

When things go wrong with a friend, making things right again can seem impossible. But is it really so hopeless? Join Imu and Rabbi Fohrman as they revisit the bitter struggle between our foremothers, Rachel and Leah, and gain a new perspective on how to heal a broken relationship.

Do I Have to Get Along with Everyone?

Beth Lesch 13 min video

"Love your neighbor as yourself". Really? As mySELF? Seems like quite a tall order. Much easier said than done. Join Beth Lesch as she explores this commandment in its larger biblical context and suggests how we can integrate it -- for real -- into our lives.

Why Does Man Acquire Woman?

Rabbi David Fohrman 9 min video

"Marriage" in Bereishit is referred to as “acquiring” a wife? What is with that? It seems so primitive and backwards. Does the Torah really think that married women are just the property of their husbands? But what if we’ve got it all wrong? What if “acquisition” isn’t about ownership at all?