From Adam to Joseph: Understanding Genesis

What Is The Mission Of The Children Of Israel?

Immanuel Shalev

Immanuel Shalev



In Parshat Vayechi (Genesis 47:28-50:26) we close up the book of Genesis, so it's a good time to pause and ask: What is the central message of the Book of Genesis? How do we understand the core lessons that the Book of Genesis teaches?

After all, we've spent weeks delving into the many different stories of deception and favoritism. How did the children of Israel come so far from the ideal nation set up by Abraham? What happened to the family that was supposed to model justice and kindness to the rest of the world? How can we, Am Israel, redeem ourselves by not repeating our ancestors' mistakes?

In this video, we take a step back to look at the Book of Genesis as a whole in order to better understand the hidden messages that we are meant to take away.