The Meaning Behind Jacob's Mysterious Blessings

What Was Jacob's Final Blessing To Joseph Really About?

Immanuel Shalev

Immanuel Shalev



Bereishit ends with a series of blessings that Jacob gives to each of his sons on his deathbed. But Jacob's blessings are so poetic and impenetrable – they're so difficult to understand!

The Torah rarely takes the time to record the intimate events of a biblical character's deathbed experience, and yet a full chapter is devoted to Jacob's blessings to his twelve sons. What do they mean? What are we, thousands of years later, supposed to make of Jacob's mysterious blessings?

This video aims to understand Jacob's blessing to Joseph, in particular, and answers another biblical mystery: Did Jacob ever find out what his sons did to Joseph? What was his reaction? All that and more!