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Matanot Levyonim (Part 1 of 2)

Matanot L’Evyonim: Purim Gifts To The Poor

Besides for reading the book of Esther, Purim is primarily celebrated through two mitzvot: Mishloach Manot and Matanot levyonim. Mishloach Manot is the practice of giving gifts to friends and family and Matanot levyonim is the act of giving gifts to the poor. But what makes Mishloach Manot and Matanot levyonim so unique to Purim? Sure these are great mitzvot to do – but why do them on Purim, specifically?

Through a careful examination of the Purim story, Rabbi Fohrman explores the subtle whispers and foreshadows of these two mitzvot in the text. What emerges is a unique story of the discrete dialogue shared between Queen Esther and Mordechai during this period in the turbulent, Persian Empire. Join Rabbi Fohrman as he explores this fascinating backstory – and never give Mishloach Manot the same way again.

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Rabbi David Fohrman

Founder and Lead Scholar






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