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The Meaning Of Taanit Esther

Taanit Esther: Why Fast Before The Happiest Day Of The Year?

Immanuel Shalev
Immanuel Shalev


Here we are, on the brink of Purim, everyone's favorite holiday. Time to start the party! Plan your feast, make your costume, and…fast? It’s kind of a weird way to get in the mood for such a fun, festive day.

So why do we observe Taanit Esther? To commemorate Esther’s fast that’s mentioned in the Megillah, right? But…do we really need to fast just because Esther did? We don’t reenact every little piece of this story. What is it about this particular part of the narrative that’s crucial to our Purim celebration experience?

This video explores these questions to uncover a deeper meaning of Taanit Esther. It sheds a new light on how this fast day helps us prepare for the holiday of Purim. Take a look, and your Taanit Esther—and Purim—will never be the same.

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