What Makes Shabbat Meaningful?

The Meaning And Purpose Of Refraining From Work On Shabbat

Rivky Stern

Rivky Stern

Executive Producer


We know all about Shabbat, right? Shabbat is about emulating God. Back in the beginning of Genesis, after God created for six days, God rested, so, after our six days of work, we too rest. We spend 25 hours in this intense emotional and spiritual state, connecting to God, praying, singing, learning Torah. It’s so beautiful and meaningful.

But, if we’re being honest, I think many of us would admit that, more than anything else, Shabbat is a time where we reconnect with our loved ones, with family and friends, where we’re with our communities.

And that leaves us wondering: what really makes Shabbat meaningful? Is it bad *to* focus on friends and family, even, often, more so than God? Or is that exactly what God wants?

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