What Does It Mean To Be Created In The Image Of God?

The Meaning Of Melacha And Creation On Shabbat

Rabbi David Fohrman
Rabbi David Fohrman

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What does it mean that we are created in the image of God, b'tzelem Elohim? Rabbi Fohrman argues that the answer lies in God's own process of creation, work – and most importantly, His rest on the Sabbath Day. What can we learn from these concepts to be more Godlike in our actions?

In Vayakhel, the Tabernacle and Shabbat are juxtaposed, which leads our Sages to explore the idea of refraining from work – melacha – and the spiritual meaning of keeping Shabbat law. But what is the actual connection between the Tabernacle and Shabbat, and what does this teach us about tzelem Elohim? Join Rabbi Fohrman as he reexamines the creation story and the original Sabbath.