Hanukkah For Grown-Ups

The Meaning Of Hanukkah In The 21st Century

Immanuel Shalev
Immanuel Shalev


Everyone loves Hanukkah – latkes, gifts and dreidles – what’s not to love? But kids’ stuff aside, what is Hanukkah supposed to mean to us? Do all of these nice things about the holiday have any deeper spiritual meaning? And since we’re on the topic, why do we even celebrate this holiday now? Sure, the miracle of finding pure oil was great, but it pales in comparison with things like the Exodus from Egypt, and the Revelation at Sinai. Why does a flask of oil still get its own holiday, all these years later?

In this video, Immanuel Shalev leads us on a journey to find answer to these questions. Based on Rabbi Fohrman’s teachings on Hanukkah and giving them a twist of his own, Imu presents us with the grown-up version of this holiday. As you’ll see, Hanukkah may in fact be the most relevant holiday for us as we make our way through life in the 21st century. Come find out why.