Can Laws Be Meaningful?

Seeing Laws As Moral Principles Of Jewish Life

Immanuel Shalev
Immanuel Shalev


In this week's Parsha (Exodus 21:1–24:18) we are in the midst of two of the most well known and epic stories in the entire Tanach: Revelation at Sinai and the Sin of the Golden Calf. The Israelites experience their highest high and their lowest low, all within the same few verses. However, smack in the middle of these two legendary episodes, we are forced to read law after law after law. How can we understand these moral laws as meaningful principles of Jewish life, and not just a long list of rules we must live by?

Join us this week as we explore these biblical laws and find out how they add layers of complexity to the epic highs and lows of the Revelation story. In this video, we uncover how laws are not just moral principles to which we must adhere, but a hidden guide on how to infuse spirituality into our daily lives. Laws give us the actionable items through which we can spread the values of Judaism, just as God instructed Abraham thousands of years ago.

Join Imu and Ramie as they demonstrate how these laws are an embodiment of the Jewish principles of life.

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