Holiness In Space And Time

How To Bring Holiness Into Our Lives

Immanuel Shalev
Immanuel Shalev


We all strive to live a holy life for God, but how exactly are we meant to do that — especially when faced with the challenges of living a holy life in an unholy world? Where in the Bible can we find guidance for how to live a life of holiness? You probably wouldn't have thought of Parshat Emor, but yet...

Parshat Emor speaks a lot about holiness: holy people (i.e. Kohanim); holy objects in the Mishkan, and holy times of year (the festivals). But all of this holy talk can sometimes just gloss over us. We don’t have a Mishkan. And while we there are still Kohanim around, they don’t wear fancy clothes or perform spiritual acts on behalf of the nation like they once did. And as much as we may enjoy the holidays, it’s sometimes hard to feel that they actually enhance holiness in our lives. Sure, we get together with family and friends, eat special foods, we spend more time in shul and say special prayers. But what really makes life holy in our day and age? How can we encounter holiness when our lives are so far removed from the context that the Torah is speaking about?

In this video, Imu Shalev and David Block grapple with these very questions, and discover a powerfully relevant message right in the words of the Torah itself. Holiness may feel elusive to us today, but after watching this video, you may find that it’s much closer and more available than you think. The answers will illuminate a deep secret about our relationship with God, with practical significance for achieving holiness in our everyday lives.