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The Hidden Meaning Behind Tzom Gedaliah

The History Of The Fast Of Gedaliah

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are two of the most powerful holidays of the Jewish calendar. But smack between them, we’re hit with… Tzom Gedaliah? Wait, what? Who? Gedaliah? Who was he again? A leader who was killed? And we fast because... It’s the day he died? It just seems so random – why do we have this fast day right after Rosh Hashanah? And why does this guy, who most of us have never heard about, get his own fast?

In this video, we’ll dive into the story and meaning of Gedaliah, and we’ll see that Tzom Gedaliah isn’t merely commemorating some tragedy that happened once upon a time. The story of Gedaliah represents a major turning point in our nation’s history. And, if we dig a bit deeper, we may discover another very well known story lurking just beneath the surface, that carries a critical and much needed message for our day and age.

Check out the full Tzom Gedaliah Guide and discover other great videos at Aleph Beta, including ‘How To Do Teshuva” and “The Two Trees In The Garden Of Eden”.

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