Pesach, Faith and COVID-19

A New Audio Reflection on “The Exodus and Its Miracles; the Exodus and Its Lies”


Daniel Loewenstein


Preparing for Pesach in the middle of a global health crisis raises a lot of big questions. What message can we learn from the story of the Exodus that speaks to our current situation? What spiritual strength might we draw from the holiday to help us through this time?

We don’t believe that these are  answerable questions. The meaning of Pesach transcends any single interpretation or time, and the meaning of our current situation is, ultimately, beyond our grasps. But what we can do is reflect on the eternal truths that Pesach highlights and glean from these some guidance and, perhaps, some comfort. 

In this audio reflection, Daniel and Ami re-visit Rabbi Fohrman’s course “The Exodus and Its Miracles; the Exodus and Its Lies”, in which Rabbi Fohrman argues that the signs and miracles of the Exodus story don’t just demonstrate a powerful God, but an empathetic one. Building off this key point, Daniel and Ami share how this idea of faith speaks to them in light of the isolation, fear and uncertainty we’re all going through, and how this idea can help us prepare spiritually for Pesach--especially this year.


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