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KINOT LIVE with Rabbi Fohrman

Come join us for a meaningful, in-depth discussion of Kinot. This exclusive LIVE Premium Webinar will transform your Tisha B‘Av!
Tisha B‘Av Morning - July 30, 10am ET - 1pm ET
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Rabbi David Fohrman

Rabbi David Fohrman

Is the founder and CEO of Aleph Beta, a non-profit media company that produces high-quality Torah videos highlighting a unique methodology in studying Torah text in a way that is both intellectually rigorous and emotionally engaging. Rabbi Fohrman also lectures internationally on Biblical themes. He served as a senior writer and editor for ArtScroll’s Schottenstein Edition of the Talmud, and taught Biblical themes at Johns Hopkins University. Rabbi Fohrman’s recorded lectures and animated videos are available at His published works include The Beast That Crouches at the Door, The Queen You Thought You Knew, and The Exodus You Almost Passed Over.

Joined By:

Rabbi David Fohrman

Beth Lesch

Beth has been a Scholar at Aleph Beta since 2016 (her dream job!). She has written parsha and holiday guides, been a host on the Parsha Lab podcast, and authored many parsha videos.
Rabbi David Fohrman

Ami Silver

Ami is a writer, research scholar and content creator at Aleph Beta. He is a Rabbi and Psychotherapist living, working and writing from Jerusalem.

Don‘t Miss Out on This Inspiring Tisha B‘Av Experience!

Join us live for Kinot with Rabbi Fohrman, Beth, and Ami, and discover the deeper meanings of these beautiful prayers.
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