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What is Judaism trying to teach us about the purpose of life or the right way to live? There isn't a clear and simple answer to this question, but we can find guidance in God's words by looking closely at the Torah's stories, laws, and language. 

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What Is The Meaning Of Life?
Why Does Judaism Need the Written Law and Oral Law?

Immanuel Shalev 14 min video

Rabbi Fohrman on the Documentary Hypothesis

Rabbi David Fohrman 32 min video


Is Vegetarianism a Jewish Value?

Beth Lesch 17 min video

Who Would Want to Worship Avodah Zarah?

Immanuel Shalev 22 min video

Bible & Jewish Psalms About Mourning

Rabbi David Fohrman 1 hour, 53 min video

The Ten Commandments & Their Meaning

Rabbi David Fohrman 36 min video


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