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A New Way to Read the Torah!

Welcome to a new way to read the Torah! We believe in the transformative power of daily scripture reading, and have designed Read the Torah from the ground up to help you build positive reading habits. Scripture is the foundation for millions of believers around the world, and our desire is to help them in their journey of learning.

Read the Torah is a mobile app that prompts you to read one chapter of the Pentatuch (the first five books of the Bible) every day, and encourages you to build this as a daily habit. Supporting features include:

  • A reading plan that encourages reading one Torah chapter every day
  • "Streak" tracking, which shows you how many days in a row you've been reading
  • The ability to "free read" any part of the Torah
  • Features to capture text notes directly in the context of a verse
  • The ability to capture a voice note directly in the context of a verse
  • A place to capture your reflections, which we call "questions" and "outlines" at the end of your reading
  • Aleph Beta content featured on chapters (where applicable)
  • Confetti to celebrate your reading achievements!
  • The ability to export your weekly notes, questions, and outlines to a PDF, which is emailed to you

Questions and Answers about Read the Torah

Read the Torah encourages users to notes, capture their questions, and create outlines about what they have read. What will Aleph Beta be doing with all the notes and insights the users create?

The outlines, questions, recordings, and text notes that you create while using the Read the Torah app are yours. We at Aleph Beta will never access them without your explicit permission. They will not be mined for content inspiration, advertising purposes, or otherwise by us. In future versions of Read the Torah you may opt to share your insights with others, but you will retain full control over what happens with the content you've created.

Which Torah translations are we using in Read the Torah?

Read the Torah is using The Holy Scriptures, published by JPS

Will my reading streak be affected If I am a Sabbath observer?

If you are a Sabbath observer, not to worry! When "Do not disturb me on Saturdays" is turned on we'll stay quiet, and your streak progress won't be lost when you start reading again on Sunday. This feature can be found in Settings under the Notifications tab.

Read the Torah was built by Aleph Beta. How will Aleph Beta content be used in the app?

At the end of the reading, an Aleph Beta video that is connected to the reading will be available for you to watch and enjoy!

Do you need support?

Send us an email at


A Nonprofit Media Company helping people closely read the Torah to discover its beauty, meaning and relevance

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