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If you are passionate about what we’re doing here at Aleph Beta, then we invite you to enter our inner circle. Producers Circle members are Aleph Beta’s backbone. Your support allows us to develop new learning projects that mine the mysteries of the Torah, and to share what we learn with even more new users every day. You are how we grow.
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Get exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Rabbi Fohrman’s latest, richest, and most advanced ideas.
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Get to Know Rabbi Fohrman
Get to know Rabbi Fohrman and the Aleph Beta team at exclusive events just for PC members.
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Receive a complimentary copy of Rabbi Fohrman’s latest book.
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Get access to the entire Aleph Beta library. Plus, give the gift of Aleph Beta to a friend.
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Go Behind-The-Scenes

Rabbi Fohrman spends his days poring over the text of the Torah, drawing up annotated research documents, sharing his ideas with learning partners, co-creators, and students, and refining his theories. But only a tiny fraction of Rabbi Fohrman’s Torah discoveries actually make it out the door to you, the user! That’s right, those sleekly-produced animated videos that you know and love are just the tip of the iceberg. As a member of the Producers Circle, you’ll receive a learning package from us each month that offers you an inside peek into what Rabbi Fohrman and his co-creators are researching right now. You’ll get to see the raw notes and organic discussions between Rabbi Fohrman and his co-creators, as they first stumble upon an idea, assemble evidence, carefully develop a theory, and, ultimately, create a polished video presentation. And you’ll have the unique opportunity to play a role in shaping those ideas, by sharing your feedback while the material is “hot” and the theories are still in development.

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Get to Know Rabbi Fohrman

Get to know Rabbi Fohrman and the Aleph Beta team at exclusive Producers Circle get togethers. From Q & As where you can ask Rabbi Fohrman all your burning Torah questions to relaxing game nights to discussions on poetry, this is your chance to build a personal relationship with Rabbi Fohrman, the Aleph Beta team and your fellow Producers Circle members.
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Digital is great, but sometimes it’s nice to hold something in your hand. All new Producers Circle members will receive a special gift from us as a token of our appreciation.
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Two Premium Subscriptions

Gain access to everything on our website—including advanced courses, Rabbi Fohrman’s weekly webinar, parsha podcasts, printable parsha guides, and more. Enjoy one yourself and share the other with a friend or loved one.
Above all, by joining Producers Circle, you‘ll receive the gratification that comes with knowing that your support is making an enormous difference: you are enabling Rabbi Fohrman to uncover more gems of wisdom in the Torah, and you are enabling us to share those gems with eager learners far and wide.
Now more than ever, as Aleph Beta does everything it can to support our community through the current health crisis, your support has the power to change lives.

Meet our Producers

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starGloria Nusbacher
starMarc Bodner
starAnonymous family from Jerusalem
starHodaya & Joseph Dayan
starMarilee & Dr. Michael Tolwin
starAlex Faynberg
starHoward Rosenbloom
starMichelle & Aryeh Jacobson
starBenjamin Hoffman
starJudy and Mordy Dubin
starBeth & Kuty Shalev
starJanet & Lior Hod
starRobert Kargman
starChana & Moshe Mayefsky
starJean & William Stahl
starShelli & Tom Weisz
starChristi & Robert Gebhart
starKarine & Shaul Czerniewicz Benjamin
starVaun Podlogar
starEric Rothman
starKaterina & Gordon Graham
starYafa Lamm
starPhillip Ullmann
starDirk Myers
starDr. Mark Rubin & Mrs. Anne Rubin
starDrew & Deborah McKenna
starAnonymous Family from Ohio
starRica & Ari Lieberman
starAnonymous Family from Washington
starBobbi & Ed Schlussel
starMark & Ellen Newman
starTerry Martin
starIsaac Winer & Bonnie Rosenberg
starVadim Birman
starE. Guerrero
starDr. William Procell
starAvi & Judy Baitner*
starAnonymous Family from Illinois
starLucia Bonetti**
starAnonymous Family from Israel
starYehudit Shier Weisberg
starPaul & Sarah Greenlee
starJoseph and Allyn Squicciarini
starStacey & Dot Olsen
starErik Wells and Allison Schoonover Wells
starCarole Daman
starLesli Moser
starRandy and Jennifer Kessler
starAnonymous from Milwaukee
starEugene and Mena Say
starRobert & Heather Wern
starAnthony Moshal
starAleph Beta Groupies
starRogers Family
starAnonymous from Houston
starFamily Kim with Peace and Love
starRobyn K Schaffer
starRobby J. Hackett
starAnonymous from Merrick, NY
starMayer Zayan MD
starGoldie Huttler
starPerry and Deirdre Stein
starJoshua & Julianna Spurlock
starJeff Mandelcorn
starThe Crowders
starLydia M. Lafleur
starAnonymous from Orlando
starMiriam Ayala
starPaul E. Collett, D.C.
starDrs John and Elizabeth Dexter
starWeisz Family
starJanet and Lior Hod
starPaul Magy
starAnonymous Family from Colorado Springs
starRenee Danziger
starRachel Geller Rosenheck
starChuck Goldberg
starRabbi Greg S. Schindler
starDavid and Gila Block
starGiora and Ilana Friede
starAnonymous from Great Neck
starTana Lee Snowden
starTamar and Jeremy Lustman
starOliver Anisfield
starCaleb "Lithou" Colby
starAnonymous from Washington
starFamilia Greiver
starLeora Lawton
starGlen & Evelyn Sabatier
starShirley Anne Lindberg
starMarie from Fairhaven
starBernard, Shari, and David Stahl
starAnonymous from Minneapolis
starShalva & Yosef Segal
starNaveed Ashraf
starSteven Kerbel
starAnonymous from Great Neck
starEitan Aviner
starBlanca from Coconut Creek
starStephania Streit
starSteven & Rina Taub
starDr. Erin Maxfield
starDebbie and Scott Mund
starNathan & Shari Lindenbaum
starNetanel Nickalls
starAlon and Victoria Karpman
starChristopher Paul Sekol
starSamuel Fink
starSolomon Mukungunugwa
starHoward Ganz
starTobias Musser
starMarjory and Robert Abrams
star*In memory of Sam Baitner A”H
star**In loving memory of Frieda van der Walde
star*** In Honor of Ruth and Sarah
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