Prayer In Judaism

How can we begin to understand the majestic, intense and complicated experience of conversing with God? One way is to look closely at the prayers themselves and their sources in the Torah.

FEATURED VIDEORefa'einu: Prayer, Sefirah and Healing from Trauma
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Refa'einu: Prayer, Sefirah and Healing from Trauma
Introduction to Kabbalat Shabbat

Introduction to Kabbalat Shabbat

Rabbi David Fohrman Part 1 of 9 54 min video

Join Rabbi Fohrman for an in-depth discussion of Kabbalat Shabbat.


shacharit jewish morning prayer

Making Sense of: Morning Prayers

Rabbi David Fohrman Part 1 of 6 11 min video

Can morning prayers be meaningful and routine? Even better, what if you could find inspiration in the routine itself? In this video, Rabbi Fohrman suggests how davening shacharit specifically in the morning can be a powerful catalyst for genuine, sincere prayer.

Hannah prayer meaning get closer to God

The Meaning Of Hannah’s Prayer

Rabbi David Fohrman 41 min video

The High Holidays are a time for repentance, but introspection can easily slip into overwhelm when it comes to facing our flaws. Can a deeper look at the 13 Attributes of Mercy help us find the true path to forgiveness?

Friday Night: The House That God Built

Rabbi David Fohrman Part 1 of 3 1 hour, 6 min video

The language the rabbis use to introduce the Sabbath Amidah prayers serves as a commentary on these biblical verses. These introductions show us how to read the verses and give us some insight into the meaning of the sabbath... join Rabbi Fohrman as he selves into the sage's words and uncovers The Meaning of the Sabbath Prayers.


Hallel meaning Jewish people story

Hallel: The Story Of The Jewish People

Rabbi David Fohrman Part 1 of 7 56 min video

We add the prayer service of Hallel on holidays, but what exactly are we saying? Is it just a collection of Psalms? In this course, Rabbi Fohrman argues that not only are we learning what it is to be a servant of God, but we are also discovering the origins of the nation of Israel.


The Meaning Of Brachot?

Ami Silver 9 min video

Brachot are everywhere in our everyday lives. We need to understand what bracha really means – not to see them as annoying burdens or religious dues we need to pay to God, but to recognize God in our world and our lives. Having them makes our lives more blessed.

Why It Is Important To Pray

Immanuel Shalev 13 min video

Frantically flipping pages and mumbling words — for many this experience is familiar in our daily prayers. Our days are busy, difficult, and tiring. As a result, our prayers lose priority and, slowly, meaning. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s another way to think about prayer in our modern lives that is rich with meaning and inspiration. Join us as we explore the themes and rituals of prayer in our holy texts and rabbinic teachings and discover how they relate to our lives today — and never think about your daily prayer the same way again.

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