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Into the Verse is dedicated to bringing you Torah that is timely and relevant to your life. Using the weekly parsha and the Jewish calendar as inspiration, this podcast is filled with rich and uplifting insights based on analysis of the Hebrew text itself. Take a listen and enjoy!

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Ari Levisohn


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NOVEMBER 21, 2023

Season 2 | Episode 31

Parshat Vayetze: Was Jacob Punished?

Parshat Vayeitzei begins with Jacob on the run from Esau and follows Jacob's trials and tribulations throughout his time in Laban's house. At the end of the parsha, Jacob is back on the run and gets into a heated argument with Laban. What is Jacob's role in this cycle of conflicts?

NOVEMBER 20, 2023

Season 2 | Episode

Israel at War #6: A War of Revenge?

The feelings of rage and desire for revenge against Hamas still boil strong in the hearts of many. How should those feelings motivate Israel and her supporters in the war against Hamas? What did Hamas want us to feel and how can we protect ourselves from the dangers of uncontrolled rage?

NOVEMBER 14, 2023

Season 2 | Episode 30

Parshat Toldot: What is True Strength?

Parshat Toldot contains the only story in the Torah that is really only about Isaac: the often overlooked story of the wells. What does this brief story really teach us about Isaac’s character? The Sages associate Isaac with the attribute of strength, but how does the story of the wells show us Isaac's might?

NOVEMBER 12, 2023

Season 2 | Episode 29

Israel at War #5: The Lesson of I don't know

Rabbi Fohrman and Imu are back sharing more stories from Rabbi Fohrman's last week in Israel, plus a fascinating discussion about last week's haftorah, its shocking conclusion, and the spiritual value of embracing "I don't know."

NOVEMBER 7, 2023

Season 2 | Episode 29

Chayei Sarah: A Marriage of Truth and Kindness

The Midrash says that chesed and emet, Kindness and Truth, disagreed about whether God should create humankind. And the puzzling outcome of that argument was: “God took Truth and threw it to the earth.” But what does that actually mean? The answer may be in Parshat Chayei Sarah, where chesed and emet “meet up” for the very first time in a rather surprising place: the story of how Rebecca was chosen to be Isaac’s wife.

NOVEMBER 1, 2023

Season 2 | Episode 29

Israel at War: Do Our Small Gestures Matter in the Big Scheme of Things?

In our fourth takeover episode dedicated to the war in Israel, Rabbi Fohrman and Imu Shalev share stories of volunteerism and heroism in Israel and abroad, while grappling with a shared sense of helplessness.