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A Book Like No Other
"A Book Like No Other"

Reading The Torah on Its Own Terms

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A Book Like No Other is a chance to learn alongside Aleph Beta Founder and Lead Scholar, Rabbi David Fohrman, a master close reader of Torah, as he embarks on his most far-reaching and in-depth explorations. Each season is a stand-alone journey into a different Torah text. Our only goal: reading the Torah carefully, on its own terms, and following wherever that leads. Together, we'll unwrap remarkable patterns and surprising connections that lie just beneath the Torah's surface, revealing the beauty and insight that truly make the Torah a book like no other.


Rabbi David Fohrman

Founder and Lead Scholar

Immanuel Shalev


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Can't get enough of A Book Like No Other?

Go behind the scenes and listen to the original chevruta sessions that inspired our flagship podcast, A Book Like No Other.

Behind the Scenes Content

Season 3 - Megillat Esther

Latest Episodes

MARCH 20, 2024

Season 3 | Episode 5

Esther as the Redeemer of the Garden of Eden

In this final episode of the season, Rabbi Fohrman and Imu explore how Esther's narrative offers a redeemed perspective on Adam and Eve's story.

MARCH 17, 2024

Season 3 | Episode 4

A Competing Cast of Characters in the Megillah

Rabbi Fohrman shares a dizzying discovery: a competing Tree of Knowledge story in the Megillah. But instead of replacing the first cast of characters, Rabbi Fohrman and Imu analyze how this discovery adds another layer of meaning embedded in the Megillah.

MARCH 11, 2024

Season 3 | Episode 3

Haman’s Godly Ambitions

Rabbi Fohrman and Imu discover that it’s not only Haman who has a counterpart in Eden. There’s a whole list of characters from Megillat Esther who are playing out a version of the Tree of Knowledge story.

MARCH 11, 2024

Season 3 | Episode 1

Finding Haman’s Character in the Garden of Eden

Rabbi Fohrman and Imu explore parallels between Megillat Esther and the Garden of Eden, beginning from the hint in the Midrash that links Haman to the Tree of Knowledge.

MARCH 10, 2024

Season 3 | Episode 1

The Hidden Angels in the Megillah

The Book of Esther has no Divine instructions, no prophecies, no outright miracles. God doesn’t even get mentioned. We all love hearing how Mordechai and Esther saved their people in a time of crisis – but does this story have any moral message for us? As we’re listening to the Megillah on Purim, what can we learn about coming close to God in our everyday lives?