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Parsha Lab

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A Bible podcast, where we battle out ideas related to challenging questions in the weekly Torah portion.

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About Parsha Lab Podcast

Parsha Lab is not just another podcast delivering a sermon about the weekly Torah portion. Of course, well-prepared and engaging sermons are valuable, but Parsha Lab is designed completely differently, to take our study of the Bible to the next level.

In our weekly podcast, we dive behind the textual and conceptual meanings in each Torah portion. We don’t shy away from those challenging questions; instead, we try to puzzle out the answers together through an in-depth deep dive of the Bible. We take an adult’s look at the Torah to question how its messages still apply, thousands of years later.

The Parsha Lab is a raw conversation between several Torah scholars. We feature Rabbi David Fohrman, a renown Biblical educator and Founder of Aleph Beta; Immanuel Shalev, COO of Aleph Beta and one of the writers of The Parsha Experiment (and former Maccabeats star!); along with other Aleph Beta Torah educators Beth Lesch, Daniel Loewenstein, Ami Silver, and Rivky Stern.

Together, we tackle fascinating questions like “Why did God choose these particular ten plagues? Was it arbitrary? Why frogs and lice, and not flying razorblades?” What enduring lessons can we learn from the most challenging questions of the Bible? These raw conversations leave listeners with the feeling that their own questions are being asked and answered. It’s human, it’s delightful, and it’s real.

The Parsha Lab Podcast will challenge, amuse, and delight you as we navigate the weekly Torah portion. You’ll discover valuable life lessons, and emerge from their commentary with a deeper understanding of the Torah.

Join us as we go on a journey to deliver you the kind of Jewish commentary on the Torah that can be applied to your life today. We hope you enjoy, and please let us know what you think: leave a comment, or email us at

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