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Moshe's "Efficiency" Crisis

The Real Lesson Of Yitro's Leadership Advice

Daniel Loewenstein
Daniel Loewenstein


Soon after Moshe and his father-in-law Yitro reunite, Yitro gets a chance to observe the way Moshe runs things in the Israelite camp. And he isn't impressed with the way Moshe handles the people's legal disputes. Moshe is the sole judge, spending all his time hearing claims and forcing hundreds of people to wait for hours for a chance to be heard. So Yitro offers an alternative: appoint other judges, and have them handle the small stuff.

Is this story in the Torah just to teach us about the importance of efficiency? Maybe. But if that's all it is, then why are there strange echoes to the story of the creation of Eve, all the way at the beginning of the Bible? Join Daniel Loewenstein as he explores the reason God decided man needed a partner, and how that relates to Moshe - and to us.