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Why Did God Choose Abraham?

How Abraham Became The Father Of Faith

This parsha is full of little vignettes about Abraham’s life: he builds some altars, goes to Egypt, splits up with Lot because their shepherds can’t get along, gets involved in a big war, and has this crazy dream where God makes him a lot of promises. It feels like a bunch of random episodes of “a day in the life of Abraham.” But what are we supposed to learn from all of these stories? Is there some central theme here that can teach us about why God chose Abraham and not someone else?

In this video, Rabbi Fohrman shows us that not only is there a common thread that weaves its way through all of these stories, but that together these stories make up the central, epic saga of how Abraham became the Father of Faith.

In each of these life events, Abraham faces a single struggle and this struggle holds the key to understanding why God chose Abraham in the first place, what his mission was about, and how Abraham came to be chosen as the Father of Faith.

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Rabbi David Fohrman

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