Why Isn't “Torah-Day” Actually In The Torah?

Does Shavuot Celebrate The Giving Of The Torah… Or Something Else?

Rabbi David Fohrman
Rabbi David Fohrman


What does Shavuot really celebrate? The Torah seems to speak of Shavuot as a harvest holiday, but the Rabbis conceive of it as the time to celebrate Matan Torah, the Giving of the Torah. Which one is it? 

In this series, Rabbi Fohrman shows that the two actually complement each other in fascinating ways. It’s true, the description of Shavuot in the Bible says nothing about the revelation at Mount Sinai — but there are echoes to be found elsewhere in the Torah, echoes that do suggest this very link.

In this video, Rabbi Fohrman embarks on a sweeping journey to uncover what Shavuot celebrates, weaving together the story of Sinai with texts that describe Shemittah (“Sabbatical”), Yovel (“Jubilee”), and the fall of Jericho, closing the mysterious gap between the “Biblical” Shavuot and Shavuot as we know it. In doing so, he brings to life the hidden depth of Shavuot, offering deep and relevant meaning to enhance how we celebrate the Shavuot holiday today.