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What Is Belief In God?

The Israelites' Struggle To Believe

Rivky Stern
Rivky Stern
Executive Producer


After the Exodus, we hear, "And the nation believed in God, and in Moses, His servant." They have complete faith in God! The relationship between the nation of Israel and God is really at a high point. It's beautiful, it's exciting.

But then...things go downhill, and fast. Over the course of the parsha, the people become hungry and thirsty, and over and over again, they panic and scream about their unhappiness. The Israelites struggle with their belief in God every time something bad happens.

So what kind of belief was that? It just turned off in an instant? Join Rivky as she explores these stories, and the difficult concept of faith.

Rivky continues this discussion in her blog post, and answers the big question: Can we see God work in our daily lives?