The Hidden Secrets In The Walls Of The Mishkan

The Spiritual Meaning Behind The Tabernacle's Design

Immanuel Shalev

Immanuel Shalev



How can we find spiritual meaning in the intensely detailed design of the Tabernacle? In Parshat Tetzaveh (Exodus 27:20–30:10), God goes to great lengths to explain each specific detail for the Mishkan's structure and design.

Obviously the details are more than just a means for beautification – there must be deep and symbolic meaning for us all. What are the hidden secrets that God coded within the walls of the Tabernacle and how can we rebuild that spiritual meaning in our every day lives?

In this video, Imu and David find symbolic parallels to the Tabernacle's design somewhere else in the Torah. Through their comparison, they uncover how the Tabernacle still has a deeply spiritual meaning for our lives today.