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Reuven And Gad: Another Family Betrayal?

The Mystery Of The Half Tribe Of Manasseh

In this week's parsha, we meet the children of Israel standing on the banks of the Jordan River finally ready to put and end to their years of wandering and enter the land of Israel. But then two tribes – Reuven and Gad – threaten to ruin the whole thing. They come to Moshe and ask if they can stay just outside of the borders of Israel so they can graze their sheep there. And Moshe can't believe it! After all these years of wandering, they're asking to not enter the land?!?! But, after some back and forth, the tribes make a compelling offer and Moshe accepts their conditions.

And that's when things get weird... because when it comes time to make the deal, Moshe strays from their agreement. He doesn't only grant these lands to the two tribes of Reuven and Gad. Out of nowhere, he adds half of the tribe of Menashe too! It's just so strange. At first, Moshe was so upset they'd even ask this, and then they make a deal, and all of a sudden he's adding more tribes?! What's going on here? It just doesn't make sense.

In this video, Ami digs into the language and themes in this interaction to reveal a much larger story taking place beneath the surface. This is not just about sheep and land. This is a conversation that is spanning generations, that's reaching back into the recesses of this family's history, and that carries important implications for the future.

Click here to listen to The Hidden Story Of Brothers, Borders, And Moses’ Burial.

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