God's Surprising Last Words At Sinai

What Moses Learned About The Sabbath On Mount Sinai

Rabbi David Fohrman

Rabbi David Fohrman



The very last words God tells to Moses as he's ready to leave Mount Sinai are about the Sabbath. Why? Moses has already heard about Shabbat – he's gotten and given those laws. And its not even like God is giving him a long detailed diatribe on the Sabbath either – there are six verses, and that's it. God has just spent the last forty days on Sinai talking about the tabernacle and THOSE laws... Why was it so important that the Sabbath be the last thing He spoke about to Moses?

The rabbis pick up on this question, and give their explanation in the introduction to the Sabbath morning prayers. But looking at the rabbis' explanation, we are left with more questions! Join Rabbi Fohrman as he dives deep into this prayer, and understands the rabbis' answer to God's surprising last words to Moses on Mount Sinai.