Toldot: Isaac And The Wells – What's That About?

Toldot: Isaac and the Wells – What's That About?

Immanuel Shalev
Immanuel Shalev


This week’s parsha contains the only story in the Torah when the patriarch Isaac takes center stage. No, it’s not the Akeida (that was mostly about Abraham), and it’s not the story about the blessing of the firstborn (that story is really about Jacob and Esav). It’s the time Isaac goes around digging wells! Three of them to be exact! Huh? This is the illustrious legacy of our great forefather Isaac? He dug a bunch of wells? Why does the Torah waste its time telling us about this story? We know so much about Abraham and Jacob, you’d think that Isaac has more to teach us than how to find underground water sources.

But what if the story of the wells is actually teaching us something fundamental about Isaac’s legacy? Join Imu Shalev and David Block as they show us the deeper meaning behind this story. The challenges of wealth and success, and of living out God’s blessing are all wrapped up in this seemingly mundane story of Isaac the well-digger.