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Kosher Laws In The Torah (Bible)

Torah Dietary Laws & The Relationship Between Kosher Slaughter and Idol Worship


Rabbi David Fohrman

Rabbi David Fohrman

Founder and Lead Scholar

Dietary Laws in Deuteronomy on Kosher Slaughter

The laws around kashrut, including kosher slaughter appear more than once in the Torah. When they are first mentioned in Leviticus, they are primarily discussed in the context of purity and impurity. But in Deuteronomy, they strangely show up in the context of...avodah zarah, or idol worship. What do the laws about kosher animals have to do with idol worship? What do they teach us about idol worship, and conversely, what does idol worship teach us about the meaning behind eating kosher animals? We’ll explore all that in this video.

Kosher Laws In The Torah (Bible)
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