Erasing Amalek...Today?

How To Combat The Evil Of Amalek Today

Ami Silver
Ami Silver


The mitzvah to wipe out the memory of Amalek is one of the most troubling and confusing commandments in the Torah. How could the same Torah that states that humanity is created in the Divine image, also command us to wipe out an entire nation from the face of the earth? It seems like a brutal and violent command, that doesn't sit comfortably with our religious and moral sensibilities. And in our day and age, when there is no nation of Amalek to speak of, how are we supposed to relate to this mitzvah? Is it just a remnant of an archaic past? Or is there some lasting message, something relevant and important about this mitzvah, even today?

In this video, Ami explores the larger context surrounding the mitzvah of mechiyat Amalek – to erase Amalek's memory. Surprisingly, it turns out that there is another mitzvah that appears just a few verses earlier than this one that also speaks about erasing a legacy. This video explores the relationship between these two mitzvot to uncover a profound and deeply relevant message about the mitzvah to erase Amalek's memory, even in our day and age.

Watch the course mentioned in the video: "The Rise of Antisemitism: A Glimpse Into Amalek’s Tortured Soul"