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The Power Of Abraham’s Influence

The Power Of Abraham’s Influence

Immanuel Shalev
Immanuel Shalev


In this video for Parshat Vayeira, David Block and Immanuel Shalev turn to one of the most curious conversations in the entire Torah: when Abraham musters his chutzpah and argues head-on with God, attempting to save the city of Sodom and Gomorrah from Divine destruction. God promises that if there are even ten righteous people who dwell there, then God will spare the entire city. And then, something odd happens: the conversation ends, abruptly — and God destroys Sodom and Gomorrah.

Why did the conversation end at ten? Why did God proceed with His destruction? Was it because Abraham wasn’t righteous enough to save them? What about Lot, Abraham’s nephew, who was dwelling in Sodom — didn’t he deserve to be saved? David and Imu ask the tough questions and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and uncover a fascinating insight about what it takes to be truly righteous in the eyes of God.

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