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Why Did God Create Me?
Noah's story why God sent flood

The Connection Between Noah And The Story Of Creation

Rabbi David Fohrman 13 min video

Okay, God decided to destroy the world. But there are lots of ways to destroy a world: why a flood?

Why Abraham Follows God's Call

Why Did Abraham Follow God's Call?

Daniel Loewenstein 14 min video

Was Abraham a heroic follower of God, or was he in it for the reward God promised him? Watch this video to understand the deeper meaning of when God called Abraham, "Lech Lecha."

Abraham Binding Isaac story explained

The Real Test Of The Binding Of Isaac

Rabbi David Fohrman 10 min video

You think that the binding of Isaac was a test of Abraham’s obedience to God. But what if God was also testing something else? What was that something else — and did Abraham pass the test?

Life lessons Sarah's character

What Sarah's Character Teaches Us About Living Our Best Life

Rabbi David Fohrman 5 min video

You know those one or two elderly people you know who are so amazing, you think, “I want to be like that when I’m their age”? Sarah probably would have been one of them — and this parsha tells us how she got to be that way. This is a lesson that you’re going to want to hold on to.

Jacob and Esau Blessing Bible Story

The Missing Chapter In Esau And Jacob's Story In The Bible

Beth Lesch 13 min video

Jacob takes Esau’s blessing. Esau threatens to kill him. Jacob goes into hiding for twenty years. That’s the story we all know. But is it the full story? Far from it. Watch this video for a deeper look.