Aleph Beta Quarantined

Prepping for Passover. Supporting your kids. Caring for your mental health.
There’s an overload of information about how to get through this difficult time.
We sorted through it so you don’t have to.

Aleph Beta is here for you.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone. We’ve always been here for you with meaningful, exciting, life-changing Torah, and now, we’ll hold your hand while you cope with quarantine and prep for Passover. There’s a glut of information out there, so we’ve simplified it for you. We think you’re going to love our clear and simple Passover checklists, our picks for educational videos for young children stuck at home, and more.

Podcast: Aleph Beta Quarantined

Click here to subscribe to our podcast, Aleph Beta Quarantined. There’s a lot going on, and we all need to talk about it. Join us for Torah infused, open and timely discussions on life in quarantine. From Passover hacks to spiritual reflections, we’re covering it all with compassion, community and a Torah perspective.
  • 1. Aleph Beta Quarantined: An Introduction
  • 2. Going Into Lockdown: A Conversation With Rabbi Rothwachs
  • 3. The New Normal
  • 4. A Dose of Humor and Faith: A Conversation with Janet Hod
  • 5. Hacks for a Stress-Free Passover
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Take a Break and Learn Some TorahAccess Time Icon

Aleph Beta has an amazing library filled with hundreds of videos about parsha, Jewish holidays, and more. We are offering free access to people affected by COVID-19 quarantine and school and work closures. Click here to request your free subscription, and then check out one of the videos below.

Educator Resources School Hat

If you’re a teacher, we want to set you up with a free Educator account, which includes expanded access to videos and teacher guides. Click here to request your free subscription.

Coping with Quarantine Relaxed face

Whether you’re sick, caring for someone who is, or just dealing with major disruptions to your daily life — we’re here for you.
For You:
Our Resource Page for Mental Health and Self-Care
We’re living through challenging times. From quick meditations to a course in mindfulness to a mental health crisis hotline, we’ve put together some of our favorite online resources to help you manage your anxiety and stress. Find it here.
What To Do If You’re Sick: See These Guidelines From the CDC
Our Recommendation for News Source: None
Yes, you read that right. The constant stream of news updates can be overwhelming. It often leads us down a black hole of hopping from one link to the next, and when we finally shut our computers or turn off our phones, we’re bleary-eyed, wishing that we could get that time back. If you’re happy with your consumption of news, then great - but if you find that it’s more harmful than helpful, then we give you permission to dial it down. Consider making a pact with yourself to check the news no more than twice a day for 10-minutes at a time — or try a “no news” day and see how it feels.
For Your Kids:
Create a Routine Our Sample Schedule
Parents, kids - routines help us all to thrive. You can avoid getting lost in the days and weeks by creating a routine. Check out this sample schedule.
Listen to This Song Each Day: Raffi’s “Take A Breath”
This song was written by the acclaimed children’s songwriter Raffi to help children self-regulate their emotional state. Encourages singing, breathing and movement.
Our Resource Page for Keeping Things Fun for Young Children in Quarantine
Want our favorite Youtube channel for kids’ yoga? 14 ideas for screen-free fun? Aleph Beta coloring pages? Get it all here.
Our Pick for Learning from Home: Scholastic
So many homeschooling companies are offering free accounts, but our favorite of the bunch is Scholastic Learn at Home. They have a curriculum for each day with hours worth of activities. Go to the home page or better yet, jump straight to your grade-level: PreK and Kindergarten, Grades 1 and 2, Grades 3-5 , and Grades 6+ .

Making a Quick and Kosher Passover Restaurant time

The first seder is the night of Wednesday, April 8th. If you’ve never made Passover before and you’re worried about how you’re going to pull it off, we’re here to tell you: It’s going to be OK. We’re going to hold your hand while you clean, shop, and cook.
How to Clean and Kasher your House for PassoverKosher for Passover: Which Items Need Special Certification? Which Don’t?Passover Seder Checklist
Shopping and Cooking for Passover
If you’re excited to menu plan and you’re feeling ambitious, then more power to you, but if you’re thinking that this isn’t the right time for making that cake with 26 different ingredients — then we want to help you simplify. We’ve got your Passover meal plan and grocery list right here.
Preparing for a Meaningful Seder
Browse our full library of Passover videos here. We especially recommend “How To Read The Hagaddah.” And stay tuned for a podcast conversation between Rabbi David Fohrman and Imu Shalev about which Aleph Beta videos to watch to gain the confidence to lead your seder - even if it’s you’ve never done it before in your life. Subscribe to the Aleph Beta Quarantined podcast so you won’t miss it.

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Aleph Beta is doing everything we can to be here for you. This is why we’re offering free accounts, when, normally, we rely on subscriptions to sustain us. If you believe in what we’re doing, it would mean the world to have your support through this time. Please consider upgrading your account or joining our Producers Circle . Of course, if a donation isn’t something you can do right now, don’t think twice about it. The most important thing is for all of us to stay connected and keep our community strong.