Rabbi David Fohrman

Rabbi David Fohrman



Are the tears we cry on Tisha B’Av real? Surely we feel some level of remorse for the destruction of Jerusalem two thousand years ago – but then again, it was two thousand years ago. How sad can we really feel today?

Join Rabbi Fohrman as he asks this pivotal question by examining the ways in which the Jewish people survived the destruction of Jerusalem. Two thousand years ago as a nation, the Jewish people not only lost the temple, but their sovereignty and land, and were even then able to survive as a nation in exile.

In a religion centered around Temple worship, how did the nation continue once that Temple was destroyed? How did Judaism evolve from a Temple service religion to the religion we’re familiar with today? How did the Rabbinic tradition come to be? This fascinating course sheds light on the oft-forgotten days after the destruction of the Temple and explains how tradition was shaped through this darkest of times.