Chief Operating Officer

Job Description

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is responsible for ensuring organizational effectiveness through integration, management and leadership of day-to-day operations. The COO is responsible for directly supporting the CEO by overseeing all operational and administrative functions in a demanding, fast-paced, results-driven environment. The COO is a fast, flexible, organized and motivated individual with a can-do attitude to allow the CEO to focus on what matters the most.

Company Description

Aleph Beta is a growing nonprofit media company producing high-quality animated Torah videos and podcasts for adults and teenagers. We believe that Torah is meant to be our guide, but we don’t always know exactly how. No one reads Bible like it’s a self-help manual, right? Aleph Beta’s mission is to read the text closely, and to discover, in surprising ways, how the Torah isn’t just a rulebook, but a guidebook, one that has profound wisdom that is relevant and meaningful in our everyday lives.

Aleph Beta is unique in that it is technically a nonprofit, but we are run as a startup. Working here affords you unique opportunities to hone your skills in a lean growth environment, and feel good about what you do for a living.

Overall Environment

The COO must manage an environment in which employees have two core metrics by which their performance will be evaluated: 1) Leadership: What outcomes is this employee actually responsible for; what projects is he or she actually spearheading? And 2) Collaboration and Support: Is the employee serving as an effective ‘team player’, responding graciously, helpfully, and even proactively, to requests coming from other departments, helping others achieve their goals? Each employee must fluidly be both a ‘leader’ in some respects and a ‘collaborator’ with others. The COO needs to attend to this dynamic and ensure its implementation company-wide.

Critical competencies for success

  • Charismatic individual with a dynamic, “get it done” attitude
  • Supportive leader with strong management and administrative skills
  • Able to prioritize and manage multiple tasks concurrently under aggressive timelines
  • Willingness to roll-up the sleeves and put in the time needed to get the job done
  • Able and willing to make decisions independently and on short notice, with no preparation, without clear directives or when limited or no information is available. Able and willing to collaborate with CEO and Founder when decisions call for that input, and maintain effective communication with them – without overwhelming either. COO will need to develop an instinct for maintaining this balance.



  • Lead and manage all aspects of the day-to-day operations of the organization
  • Oversight and decision-making authority over org spending (P&L), in conjunction with the CEO
  • Develop and maintain healthy org culture.
  • Allocate and optimize departmental resources based on org priorities.
  • Develop and implement operational best practices.
  • Ensure smooth working process across org; help identify and remove obstacles.
  • Initiate and run special projects that result in increased org effectiveness.
  • Manage accountabilities, outcomes and the goal-setting process.
  • Ensure effective org-wide communication and inter-departmental integration.
  • Oversee org-wide project management. That means ensuring that others are managing projects effectively, but in cases of breakdown, it occasionally will mean getting in the trenches and assuming “lower level responsibilities” to help make sure projects don’t fail. The COO can’t always remain in the ivory tower.

Management & Accountability

  • Direct management and accountability of senior management team.
  • Establish and monitor staff performance and development goals, assign accountabilities, establish priorities, conduct performance appraisals.
  • Mentor and develop staff in a supportive and collaborative way.
  • Ensure staff members receive timely and appropriate training and development. But don’t overwhelm staff with burdensome training either. Again, COO will need to develop an instinct for the balance here.
  • Hold hire/fire authority of all staff, in conjunction with CEO
  • Active involvement in hiring, onboarding and termination process; oversight of HR


To apply: Please submit resume and cover letter to Use “Chief Operating Officer” in the subject line.