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Job Description: Tech Lead

About us: Aleph Beta is a growing non-profit media company producing high quality animated Torah videos and podcasts for teenagers and adults. We believe that Torah is meant to be our guide, but we don’t always know exactly how. No one reads the Bible like it’s a self-help manual, right? Aleph Beta’s mission is to read the text closely, and to discover, in surprising ways, how the Torah isn’t just a rulebook, but a guidebook, one that has profound wisdom that is relevant and meaningful in our everyday lives.

Aleph Beta is unique in that it is technically a non-profit, but we are run as a startup. Working here affords you unique opportunities to hone your skills in a lean environment, focus on growth in what is essentially a SaaS business, and feel good about what you do for a living. 

At Aleph Beta, we believe that a phenomenal product experience is key to unlocking exponential growth in usage. We are looking for a tech lead who can partner with our product management lead to build and drive that vision to reality. 

About the role: The Tech Lead is responsible for leading the development team in building, maintaining and bettering the backend, website, iOS and Android apps of Aleph Beta. The TL must be technically proficient, and be able to set the standard of building and maintaining features at the highest standard, and at the most efficient cost. 

You will be responsible for: 

  • Inspiring and motivating a multi-discipline software development team of ~ 5 developers
  • Performing code reviews and setting a high standard of excellence in the code stack, making sure the team writes clean, high quality, readable code that scales 
  • Driving forward your own development projects, setting the pace for the rest of the team
  • Working across a variety of technologies, including Express.js on Typescript, Postgresql, Redis, Elasticsearch, JavaScript, GatsbyJS, React, and Material UI
  • Instituting processes for development, testing, and release management
  • Designing and building technical solutions based on business needs, carrying out complicated development and prototyping tasks
  • Determine prioritization of architectural initiatives and tech debt 
  • Identifying, evaluating and fixing performance bottlenecks 
  • Identifying technical risks and determining appropriate mitigation actions 
  • Making improvements to existing backend services to make them more performant, reliable, secure, testable and maintainable 
  • Contributing to improving key engineering metrics for performance, availability, scalability, developer efficiency, and quality 
  • Quickly distilling fast-moving product requirements into tangible engineering tasks
  • Guaranteeing overall delivery quality
  • Facilitating continuous improvement by partnering with the product management lead on regular team retrospection and feedback delivery

To succeed in this role, you should have the following critical competencies: 

  • Highly organized with a strong commitment to efficiency 
  • Proactive communication skills
  • Humility to learn from and hear out the various concerns of other members of the business, and manage their fundamental cares 
  • Creativity, positivity and a general desire to improve processes 
  • Patience without condescension for those less technically proficient; an eagerness to work with others 

To succeed in this role, you should have the following skills and experience: 

  • 5+ years of SW development experience: Preferred full stack experience. Familiarity with Typescript/Javascript and React required. Familiarity with mobile app development, a plus.
  • Excellent English communication, verbal and written
  • Experience managing engineers, a plus

This position is full-time and can be done anywhere in the world (remotely). If you think you’re a good fit, please email a cover letter and resume to
Please be sure to put your name and the position you are applying for in the subject line.


A Nonprofit Media Company helping people closely read the Torah to discover its beauty, meaning and relevance

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