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Social Media Producer

Job Description:

About Us: Aleph Beta is a growing non-profit media company producing high-quality animated Torah videos and podcasts for teenagers and adults. We believe that Torah is meant to be a guide, but we don’t always know exactly how. No one reads the Bible like it’s a self-help manual, right? Aleph Beta’s mission is to read the text closely and to discover, in surprising ways, how the Torah isn’t just a rulebook but a guidebook, one that has profound wisdom that is relevant and meaningful in our everyday lives.

Aleph Beta is unique in that it is technically a non-profit, but we are run as a startup. Working here affords you unique opportunities to hone your skills in a lean environment, focus on growth in what is essentially a SaaS business, and feel good about what you do for a living. 

The Job: The SMP will be responsible for building Aleph Beta’s social media footprint and increasing site visits generated from across platforms. The SMP will focus on meaningful customer engagement through utilizing and repurposing Aleph Beta material on social media and creatively sharing it with new communities of potential users on a variety of platforms. 

The SMP will generate leads for Aleph Beta membership, increase the traffic that comes to the site, and learn how to turn those leads into engaged users and subscribers. A clear strategy, with specific and realistic metrics, will be critical to success and growth over time. 

General Responsibilities

  • Manage Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts, and look toward exploring a presence on Twitter and TikTok
  • Create engaging content for all platforms by: 
    - Leveraging Aleph Beta scholars
    - Leveraging a major library of existing Aleph Beta content
    - Creating and adapting new content
  • Focus on top-of-the-funnel user acquisition through social media posts, podcasts, YouTube, and other platforms
  • Collaborate with influencers and others on social media to expand Aleph Beta’s reach and impact
  • Collaborate with Aleph Beta content and animation teams to bring compelling content and trailers to a variety of platforms
  • Plan and manage a social media calendar 
  • Track engagement and metrics to assess what performed the best and consider how we can improve

What we are looking for in our SMP

  • 2+ years experience or good social media instincts
  • A deep understanding of Aleph Beta content 
  • Incredible writing/producing skills: You have an instinct for what kind of content is compelling, and how to seduce someone to stop scrolling and to engage in deep content
  • Creativity: Generate and share new ideas to increase organic interaction for Aleph Beta
  • Passion for Aleph Beta’s Torah content and for our mission
  • Aware of social media trends and how to wield various platforms to encourage engagement with Torah
  • Efficient and organized: Plan social calendar in advance and be an effective communicator internally and externally

Why you should take this job

This job is for you if you love Torah learning and love what we do at Aleph Beta. You have a unique challenge: Torah learning isn’t a very easy product to sell. On Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, we compete for attention with so much fantastic content that is out there. What we believe deeply at Aleph Beta is that if you can show people content that is relevant, meaningful and high-quality, you can get them to engage with Torah.  The mission of the Social Media Producer is to excite a potential audience to do just that: Engage deeply with Torah. Your position is key to spreading this kind of Torah to the world. If that challenge excites you, then this position is for you.

This position is full-time and can be done anywhere in the world (remotely).

To apply, email a cover letter and resume to Please be sure to put your name and the position you are applying for in the subject line.


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