Senior Product Manager

Job Description:

About us:

Aleph Beta is a growing non-profit media company producing high quality animated Torah videos and podcasts for teenagers and adults. We believe that Torah is meant to be our guide, but we don’t always know exactly how. No one reads the Bible like it’s a self-help manual, right? Aleph Beta’s mission is to read the text closely, and to discover, in surprising ways, how the Torah isn’t just a rulebook, but a guidebook, one that has profound wisdom that is relevant and meaningful in our everyday lives.

Aleph Beta is unique in that it is technically a non-profit, but we are run as a startup.  We are unique in the Jewish non profit world with more than 11,000 paid users, and 100,000 more free users. Most of our revenue comes from our users and not from big donors, which keeps us incentivized to create real value for the people that matter most. 

Working here affords you unique opportunities to hone your skills in a lean environment, focus on growth in what is essentially a SaaS business, and feel good about what you do for a living.

What you'll do:

• Own product roadmap and work closely with CEO to align on product vision

• Own the product pipeline and collaborate daily with our engineering team to execute

• Evaluate user feedback and improvement areas to identify new feature opportunities that will guide our roadmap

• Work closely with Customer Happiness, Marketing and Content teams to identify opportunity areas to improve the user experience and to drive growth

• Track product KPIs and analyze user data to guide product efforts

• Assess market, competitors, and adjacent solutions for opportunities that can drive continued growth

Skills and knowledge you should possess:

• 3+ years of Product Management experience.

• Experience launching end-to-end products with internal teams that drive business impact.

• Proficient in the levers of a SaaS business and understanding product metrics.

• User-focused, a specialist at making cases with data and user research, with boundless curiosity about our users and what can make them successful.

• Aesthetic for great user experience. Appreciation of simple-yet-impactful design with relentless empathy for our users.

• Experience working with or leading agile teams

• Outstanding communications skills, both written and verbal

Why you should take this job:

This job is for you if you love Torah learning, and love what we do at Aleph Beta. You have a unique challenge: Torah learning isn’t a very easy product to sell.  The mission of the Sr. Product Manager is to build products that enable,  encourage and excite our users to engage deeply with Torah. One way to do this is to position our products as the solution to major user problems and pain points.  Another way to do this is to load our product with features that nudge users to make good on commitments they have made to themselves in their own personal growth ex. Gamification, peer-based learning, etc. If solving these problems sounds fun to you, and if marrying your product management chops with a passion and desire to change the world is attractive to you, then come join us at Aleph Beta.

To give you a peek at some of our product vision, here are some future vistas:

  1. Expansion of Aleph Beta’s library including new topic pages, onboarding, and overall site structure.
  2. A new app designed to help users complete all of Tanakh by creating reading plans for them with features like gamification, and chavruta.
  3. A “Yeshiva” app - with curriculum exploring foundational concepts in Judaism and teaching Biblical methodology.

To apply, email a cover letter and resume to Please be sure to put your name and the position you are applying for in the subject line.