Development Associate

Job Description:

About us: Aleph Beta is a growing non-profit media company producing high quality animated Torah videos and podcasts for teenagers and adults. We believe that Torah is meant to be our guide, but we don’t always know exactly how. No one reads the Bible like it’s a self-help manual, right? Aleph Beta’s mission is to read the text closely, and to discover, in surprising ways, how the Torah isn’t just a rulebook, but a guidebook, one that has profound wisdom that is relevant and meaningful in our everyday lives.

Aleph Beta is unique in that it is technically a non-profit, but we are run as a startup. Working here affords you unique opportunities to hone your skills in a lean environment, focus on growth in what is essentially a SaaS business, and feel good about what you do for a living. 

About the Job: The Development Associate is responsible for customer cultivation and engagement in our highest category of paid membership, our Producers Circle. This will mean often making phone calls to prospects for Producers Circle membership and to explore with them their commitment to Aleph Beta.

The Development Associate is energized by contact with any potential Producers Circle member and is enthusiastic to listen to our most invested fans discuss what they love about Aleph Beta and is unafraid to ask for a greater commitment from Aleph Beta fans. The measurement of success in this position is increasing the number of Producers Circle members and maintaining a high level of outreach to potential Producers Circle members. 

Aleph Beta will support the Development Associate in their growth, ensuring that each new Producers Circle member is celebrated and success builds upon itself. The Aleph Beta staff and volunteers are available to assist in the effort to recruit new Producers Circle members, and effectively coordinating outreach efforts will only help the Development Associate in being effective.

About Producers Circle: Aleph Beta is blessed to have a growing community of supporters who invest in our work and our future in a deeply generous way. This is a robust community, known as our Producers Circle, who contribute meaningfully to the stability of our company, ensuring that we are able to dream big for our future. If you are a super fan of Aleph Beta, and you are the type of person who is comfortable having conversations with soon-to-be friends about Aleph Beta, then this job may be for you! The main avenue to success in this position will be to connect with people who have expressed interest in the Producers Circle community, while pitching them on the reasons to join. If you have some sales or fundraising experience, are comfortable speaking with anyone and you want to make a massive impact on the future of Aleph Beta, then keep on reading! This job may be for you…

Core Accountabilities

  • User conversion into the Producers Circle community
  • Maintain Donor CRM and run various digital fundraising campaigns
  • Development Project Management


  • Work with the Marketing Director to generate and organize a solid lead list
  • Make calls to leads each week to join Producers Circle
  • Ability to multitask and organize/track the Producers Circle and other fundraising campaigns
  • Research available CRM options, manage staff competency with the CRM and manage the data itself including scrubbing obsolete data
  • Collaborate with colleagues and organize volunteers to reach out to superfans in inviting them to join Producers Circle
  • Work with our customer happiness team to:
    - Onboard new Producers Circle members ensuring their awareness of the perks and benefits of their membership, and assisting them in utilizing all that Producers Circle membership has to offer
    - Anticipate Producers Circle membership renewal dates and contact Producers Circle members to secure their recommitment

Critical Competencies and Skills for Success

  • An deep understanding of what Aleph Beta means to our biggest fans and familiarity with Aleph Beta material
  • Empathy and a sincere commitment to listening to customers
  • Gaining strength from interacting with customers/fans
  • Experience with using a CRM is a plus

When applying, please be sure to put a sample email you would send to a potential Producers Circle community prospect who didn’t pick up your phone call.

To apply, email a cover letter and resume to Please be sure to put your name and the position you are applying for in the subject line.