Aleph Beta Academy is committed to the relevance of Jewish learning. We want to help our students struggle with some of life"s biggest questions, and to achieve answers that are meaningful and satisfying. We believe Torah study should be evidence-based, intellectually stimulating, emotionally gripping and relevant to your everyday life. To learn more: About us.
Jump right in! Our library is divided into 3 sections - Snacks, Meals and Feasts. Snacks are 10 minute presentations, self contained, and are perfect for learning on the go. They’re a great place to start If you want to check out a topic more in-depth, and you have a little more time to explore an interesting question, or learn about a holiday, try one of our Meals. Has your appetite been sufficiently whetted by our snacks and meals? Try a feast! These are lengthier series of ten minute videos that explore inter-related topics deeply and comprehensively. We know you’re hungry, and we’ve got plenty of videos in our longer courses to satisfy your cravings! Make sure that you join our email list so that you can get notifications on our newest videos delivered straight to your inbox.
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Our Premium courses allow you to interact with the presenter and help develop the material. Your thoughts will help shape the course
Our Premium courses allow you to interact with the presenter and help develop the material. Your thoughts will help shape the course
Why does an all-powerful God need to rest on the Sabbath? Why does there need to be a Chosen People? How could Jacob"s sons have sold their brother? How did this event affect the nation of Israel? How does this law teach us to treat others with justice, kindness and sensitivity?
Don"t work on the Sabbath. Jews are the Chosen People. Joseph was sold into slavery, but rose to power and was able to provide for his people. If an ox gores a cow and a calf is found dead at her side... the owner pays half the damages for the cow and one-fourth for the calf.
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New to Jewish Studies? Want to understand the basic texts at the foundation of Judaism and Western Religion? Our courses set the philosophical and emotional foundation for someone interested in Jewish learning and make them feel directly relevant to your everyday life.
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You may have never considered some of the most obvious questions about Judaism: Why does God need to rest? Why is there a chosen people? Our courses are that final piece of the puzzle that will make you say:"Aha!"
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If you are a teacher who wants to engage with your students and bring the material to life, Aleph Beta Academy is perfect for you. Our Teacher Tools will help bring meaningful thought and discussion to your classroom
An Aleph Beta Educator has an entire library of Torah videos at his/her fingertips. Each video is designed for teachers to integrate seamlessly into their existing curriculum. Teachers from all over the world use our weekly parsha videos to provide meaningful insight before every Shabbat. They use our intellectually engaging and thought provoking video courses in preparation for each Jewish holiday. Chumash teachers, Jewish philosophy teachers, Gemara teachers and Halacha teachers find gems within each video as Rabbi Fohrman tackles a profound and plaguing question that every student struggles with.
Aleph Beta videos are for every type of Jewish teacher and leader who seeks to strengthen their student’s love of Torah.
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Rabbi Fohrmans approach is actually mind-blowing. Each new idea revealed is like the unwrapping of candy whose flavor is not yet known, but when tasted, deliciously sweet. I think I'm addicted....
Inspiring! Effective! Relative! Life changing! Thank you for your diligence in teaching.
Aleph Beta has been a tremendous addition to my classroom teaching experience...[We] have not only gained from the thought provoking questions, but we have been challenged, inspired, and excited by the answers.